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Journey to the twilight zone: How Deep Ocean Live made history

Sky News has broadcast from the depths of the Indian Ocean

We were live from 137m below the waves – a world first

Our team in partnership with Nekton is exploring the oceans near Aldabra in the Seychelles, one of the most protected coral atolls in the world

95% of fish, by weight, live below 200 metres in our oceans

100 million different forms of life live in the deep ocean

This was the first live TV news bulletin from under the sea

These broadcasts will draw attention to the plight of the world’s oceans and the impact of plastic pollution

During the live broadcast, our team spotted a shark swimming just metres in front of them

Scientists hope to find new species in the ‘twilight zone’

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Watch Deep Ocean Live on Sky News, Sky Atlantic and the Sky News app on March 19 and 20 from 8am

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